Nail Art Designs Basics

Nail Art Designs Basics

Nail Art Basics

Hello, everyone hope you all are doing great. Today I’m here with the basic information about ‘Nail art’ and other things which is important to know if you want to do nail art or starting your journey into Nail art world or just curious to know?.
Nail Art is a creative way to paint and decorate your natural nails. It is a type of artwork that can be done both on fingernails and toenails which are know as manicures and pedicures respectively. In manicures and pedicures we trim, file, buff, shape and polish the natural nails. We sometimes remove cuticles and softens the skin around the nails.
Types of manicures may vary from normal polishes, gel polishes to acrylics nails.
Acrylics – has a chemical mixture of monomer liquid and polymer powder that can be directly applied on your natural nails or artificial nails. These are called nail extensions or enhancements.
Gel polish – has a chemical combination similar to acrylics. We apply several layers of gel polish on the nails and cure it under UV/ LED light. When gel is cured under the light it hardens. There are many forms of gel but the most common in them is gel polishes and like other forms of gel also require UV/LED light to cure. The difference between acrylics and gel is – acrylics dries naturally but gel needs UV/LED light to cure.
Other than gel polishes, normal polishes and acrylics there are other options are available for decorating your nails :-
1- Glitters
2- Foils
3- Nail art pens
4- Piercing
5- Stamping
6- Water marbling
7- Adding accessories
8- Nail stickers
9- Nail vyler
10- Acrylic powder for 3d art
And to decorate your nails there are several tools such as:-
1- Nail dotters also known as dotting tools
2- Nail art brushes- the brushes came in various shapes and sizes.
3- stripping tape
4- stationery tape
5- sponges
6- cuticle cutter
7- gel remover
8- cuticle pusher
Hope all this info helps you out and give you the overall look about how many things there are in Nail art and what can you do.
I’ll be back soon with another beautiful design till then keep trying and be happy
Article Submitted by: Tulika Agarwal
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