Nail Art Designs DIY – Design 2

Nail Art Designs DIY – Design 2

Nail Art Designs DIY – 2

Hello everyone, hope you all are doing well. I’m here with another lovely Nail Art Designs DIY – Design 2. At first, I thought of what design should I go for my second design, it should be something which is easy, beautiful, eye candy, etc and the only thing which came to my mind with these is nature related designs because they always are easy, lovely and eye catchy. Also I love nature related designs so I always find excuses to make them.
Let’s start with the instructions, shall we?
1- start with painting your nails with lovely colour polish (you can choose any shade but the polish need not to be glitter polish because it will hide the design with its sparkle).
2- Now take the ‘liner brush’ and draw fine lines from each side of your nail. Keep in mind that the lines should neither reach to the other side of your nail nor do they touch each other, and there should be enough gap between them. The lines can be of any style – straight, curved or any style that you can make them into. They need not to be perfect. In the second picture I make one line different from other lines to show you guys that the style of lines don’t have to be exactly same and it also won’t affect the design.
3- After making the lines it’s time to draw leaves on them. Start from top of the line to the bottom. To make leaves easily make two small lines side by side, one of which should be straight and another slightly curved and Remember to not to draw those two lines too far from each other.
4- There is one thing you always have to keep in mind that you should not make the leaf touch other leaves or other lines that you drawn earlier because it makes it look unprofessional and unskilled.
5- In the end, apply the top coat to give it a smooth and finish look And viola! you’re done. Congratulations.
Give yourself a clap of appreciation for the feast you achieved by making such a beautiful manicure that too without any professional assistance..well except me off course ???.
It’s a free hand design and needs patience and steady hand so if you can’t make it in first try than its totally acceptable but I’m sure you can if you try it few times before.
I’ll be back soon with another beautiful design till then keep trying and be happy
Article Submitted by: Tulika Agarwal
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