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What is Rovectin’s “Clean”?

“Clean” messaging in beauty is everywhere, with brands and retailers introducing more “clean” products. However, few can answer (and agree on) “what is clean?” because everyone’s definition just kind of depends on their level of commitment to whatever they really want to include vs. exclude…

There are brands that don’t hold themselves to ingredient standards, and there are brands that are selectively “free of” or “made with” type of clean-washers, and there are brands, like us, that uphold rigorous and exhaustive science-backed standards around ingredient toxicity.

Rovectin was originally developed for those with most sensitive and vulnerable skin to help restore and rebuild the strength of the skin’s natural barrier. We believe that our “cleanness” and our commitment to your healthy living can only be attested by the testimonies of our beloved customers.

Everyone deserves access to safe, pure skincare solutions.

Our mission with Rovectin Skin Essentials is to offer health-conscious consumers daily skincare with the same transformative, high-quality ingredients used in our Anti-Irritant line for hospitals.

Rovectin Skin Essentials are hypoallergenic products that safely and gently restore your skin deep down to its natural healthy state—helping you look and feel better inside and out.

Comfortable skin can change your life.

We believe caring for your skin is an important part of a holistic, healthy lifestyle. When your skin is clear and comfortable, you’re less stressed and free to take on your day with confidence.

Refresh your routine, renew your skin, and rebalance your life with Rovectin.

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