Mother -My first make-up artist/mentor

Mother -My first make-up artist/mentor

Makeup carries a very significant role in my life as makeup helps me investigate my constantly-shifting identity and it offers me the confidence  I need when I find it lacking. It also allows me to un-apologetically embrace my womanhood and exuberate my beauty. My mother, my mentor introduced me to it.

The first time I came across makeup was at the age of eight. I was in my mother’s  bedroom. I was staying with my grandmother in the house over one summer day and I chanced upon a box of makeup in what used to be my mother’s old makeup box. It was from her teenage years, filled with very playful and old-fashioned makeup products; it was heaven for me. I was extremely fascinated by all these pots and tubes that were inside it and immediately started using all the makeup. I used to love putting makeup, not only on myself but also on my mum and that’s how my love affair with makeup really started.

My mother is one of the deepest, most compassionate and most humble women I know and somehow throughout the years, she’s taught me a number of valuable lessons about makeup, not just practical makeup tips about application, but about what makeup does, what should be avoided and what beauty really is.

Some of the lessons I’ve learned from my mother and exercise pretty much every day of my life are as follows :

  • Our lifestyle affects the health of our skin

My mother taught me that our skin is the largest organ of our body so it makes sense that our habits will influence its health. She reminds me to take care of my body, mind, and soul so my complexion will thank me for it.

  • For daytime look only accentuate either eyes or lips

To achieve a more subtle aesthetic always focus on one feature to accentuate. That way we celebrate that feature, not the makeup we used to adorn it. My mom’s golden rule is : Light eyes, bold lips or vice versa.

  • My makeup is made for me

One of the most valuable makeup lessons that I learned from my mom that is always at the  forefront of my mind, is that my style is for me and me alone. I should wear what makes me feel beautiful, what makes me shine, what helps me emphasize the beauty that’s already there not follow the trend that is popular on social media or movies as at the end of the day I am one of a kind.

  • Makeup should not cover up but enhance

One of the most salient lessons my mom taught me about makeup is that it should complement our features, not create new ones. To always remember to enhance the features that I loved and learn to work with the features I loved a little less.


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