Do Anti-Ageing Products Actually Work?

Do Anti-Ageing Products Actually Work?

Every one of us love to stay young and have a healthy skin. Below are the details on how ageing is challenged to each of its conditions by the anti-ageing products. Anti-ageing products work to an extent as said by the renowned dermatologists.
Before assumption let’s get to know why we age?

Anti-Ageing products usually contain the following ingredients-
Vitamin A (or) retinoic acid helps to reduce ageing. As we grow older, our body loses Vitamin A. By consumption of retinol on the daily basis helps in building collagen, decreases discoloration & wrinkles on the skin. Vitamin A consists of unsaturated fatty acids compounds such as retinol, retinal and retinoic acid. Retinyl Palmitate intake can reduce the ageing process. Some of the cosmetics containing Vitamin A are Derma –E , Thank you Farmer Deep Cream , ARCONA Vitamin –A and much more.

Skin damage caused by the free radicals present in the Sun’s UV-rays which is being claimed since 1950. Vitamin C is a potential anti –oxidant that helps protect the skin from the harsh U-V rays. Tea – Extracts such as green tea, Oolong tea are some of the anti-oxidants. Grape seed extracts ,Vitamin B3(Niacinamide) help reduce the moisture loss in skin. Some of the cosmetics containing anti-oxidants are Grape seed oil, Acai oil and Lutein., etc. are available in market today. They assist in preventing the damage.

Hydroxyl acids remove the layer on the top of that contains both dead and old skin cells. In addition, these acids encourage the growth of new and equally pigmented cells on the skin. The main Hydroxyl acids are Alpha-Hydroxyl acids, Beta-Hydroxyl acids and Poly-Hydroxyl acids. Co-enzyme 10 helps reduce wrinkle and protect the skin. Prefer cosmetics containing Hydroxyl acids such as Glycolic acid, Malic acid and Tartaric acid.

Peptides are friendly enzymes that reduce the stretch marks, bruises and skin marks. They actually lighten the scars and make the bruises less visible. Cosmetics preferred containing peptide enzymes are Palmitoyl Tetra peptide-3, Palmitoyl Dipeptide-6 and Tripeptide-1.,.etc.


Ageing is irreversible and is an unavoidable condition if untreated.
This changes a person in the appearance. Skin is the most affected, as it is visible. It gets wrinkled, itchy, rough, saggy, transparent and is easily bruised. Skin is said to be highly sensitive. The UV-rays damage the skin cells when exposed to Sun. As the epidermis gets thinner and thinner, the skin gets bruised and takes longer time to heal the wounds.
Do note that facial movement and sleeping posture affect the skin; Gravity also plays a minor role in causing damage to the elastic fibres, making the skin wrinkled.
Worse effects of ageing can be avoided when we are young because as we get old all the energy and nutrition is exhausted, so is normal functioning of the body. Food consumption play’s a major role, avoid preserved foods, drink pure water, eat fish on regular basis, increase good anti-oxidant nutrition in your diet, break bad habits like smoking and drinking.

Kindly note SMOKING is the worst thing for your skin. it damages the skin cells at a rapid rate. If you want a flawless skin, cut the bud rightaway!!

• Using on the daily basis:
Some of the wrinkle reduction creams must be used twice a day for a long period of time. Discontinuation can return back to the original state. What that matters is the type and amount of usage.
• Aftermath:
Many products may cause skin discomfort, inflammation and rashes. Before using anti-ageing products you need to read all the instructions and use according to the skin type.
• Insufficiency of Dose:
Low concentrations of the required ingredients would not be effective. Quantity of the dosage needs to be perfect, not the price. It’s a myth that more costly the product more effective it is.
• Price:
The most important thing is to know is that the price has nothing to do with the effectiveness. A costly cream may not be as efficient as a less costly one. There is no assurance that the product would actually be effective.


To counter all these ageing effects, it’s better to prevent than cure.

    • Having good food that do not contain preservatives
    • Have more anti-oxidants must be consumed without fail everyday.
    • Drink lots of water, at least 2-3 L/day
    • Protect your skin from the Sun’s harsh U-V rays.
    • Reducing stress by sleeping for 8 hours every night.
    • Practice YOGA to keeps the inner system healthy.
    • Stop smoking. Smoking exhausts moisture and causes discoloration of skin making the ageing work on you.
    • Using moisturizers daily and massaging the skin regularly.
    • By choosing products that have SPF atleast 15 block both UVA and UVB rays.

And If you are looking for the methods that are more faster skin treatments like Botox (Boltulinum toxin) for wrinkle reduction, Skin-resurfing techniques will help. Please do your due diligence before going down this lane, because the treatments are very costly and may leave you looking like a plastic doll. And there’s no return from this point forward.

According to me, the best way to deal with ageing is ACCEPTANCE. Accept it, embrace it, live it and keep it natural. Plain and Simple.

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