Farmskin Superfood Broccoli (Refreshing)

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✔️Broccoli- The Super Food Containing Variety Of Vitamins & Minerals
✔️Recharges Tired & Exhausted Skin With Vitality
✔️Refreshing Mask Sheet
✔️Major Anti-Oxidant

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Farmskin Superfood Broccoli (Refreshing)


🥦Hydration -Deeply hydrates skin by preventing the loss of dermal moisture.
🥦 Soothing Effect Vitamin B – Rich Vitamin B properties(B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B9, B12) soothe irritated skin.
🥦Cell renewal – Strengthens skin barrier by the cell-renewing effect of growth factors abundantly found in colostrum.
🥦Anti-inflammation Lactoferrin – Keeps skin healthy through the anti-inflammatory properties.
🥦Soothing Effect Vitamin B – Protects the skin by suppressing the growth of microorganisms.
🥦Exfoliating Effect – Proteolytic factor in colostrum gently yet thoroughly exfoliates skin.
🥦Brightening Effect – Visibly improves skin complexion by suppressing melanin synthesis, the key factor of determining skin tone.


Water-type Essence 💦

25ml / 0.84 fl. Oz

🏆World’s awards

  • 2019 International Design Excellence: Design Award Winner, SuperFood Salad

🇰🇷 Made in Korea

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Skin Type: All

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Sheet Mask


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