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✔️Calm sensitive skin
✔️Suitable for face to body
✔️Contain hyaluronic acid
✔️Oil and moisture balance


✔️Calm sensitive skin
✔️Suitable for face to body
✔️Contain hyaluronic acid
✔️Oil and moisture balance

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✔️More About Keep Cool And Soothe Lotion
KEEP COOL Soothe Bamboo Lotion is a recovery solution that calms sensitive and irritated skin. Experience powerful calming and hydrating effect from dry and sensitive face to body, all in one!


?Adjusts the skin’s oil and moisture balance by providing abundant moisture while leaving only the essential oil that is needed by the skin

?Contains 51% Damyang bamboo water → Provides moisture, soothes skin

?7-Layered hyaluronic acid→ Improve an inner pull feeling with 7-layered moisture film and provide hydrated radiance that is emitted from the inner layers of the skin

?Weak acidic lotion restores a healthy skin pH

Powerful Soothing effect

Test Method: Apply cream containing 2% DERMA-CLERA twice a day.
Results: 2% DERMA-CLERA provides an excellent effect of relieving skin inflammation and soothing the skin

Excellent Recovery effect

Moisture Test

Watery fluid type texture provides a refreshing finish without a feeling of stickiness. It gives abundant moisture to the skin and forms a moisture barrier.

Gentle soothing patpat lotion for all family members, from kids to adult

1) It contains non-artificial fragrance and aroma oils which cause irritation to babies.
2) It excludes functional ingredients that may irritate babies skin or sensitive skin.

?? Made in Korea

Skin Type:Sensitive

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