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Aryanveda Micellar Water

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Aryanveda Cosmeceuticals is a Delhi based company bringing out latest products in their portfolio in their continuous effort to become a mainstream brand.  They have an amazing line of products. Today we will review Aryanveda Micellar Water. All relevant product information is mentioned on the sidebar.

Micellar Water is nothing but micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) suspended in soft water. It is simply an alternative to soap + water combination to cleanse face and a rather amazing alternative, i would say. Micelles attract dirt and oil, taking it away from your skin as you wash it off.

Packaging of the product is good. Bottle is good and clear, but the pump is not of a very good quality.

Quality of the product is fine. Cleanse the face well, leaves the face pat dry but it leaves a smell which isn’t very pleasant. I think it can be made better.

For the marketed price point, the product can be made better.

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