ACCOJE Whitening Capsule Ampoule

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✔️Adds a glow to dull skin
✔️Contains vitamin C
✔️Clinical trial completed
✔️Whitening functional

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ACCOJE Whitening Capsule Ampoule

Accoje whitening capsule ampoule is concentrated ampoule containing capsules with brightening energy that adds a beautiful glow to dull skin. Vitamin C derivative microcapsules whitening care, freckle relief. The whitening functional skin brightness, melanin, skin tone improvement. It is a clinical trial completed.

✔️More about Accoje Whitening Capsule Ampoule
It is an intensive skin lightening capsule containing microcapsules that improve the skin tone and complexion. It also contains a micro VC-IP capsule and the niacinamide complex containing Neolitsea aciculate and lotus root extracts. The ampoule helps in skin brightening and improves melanin pigmentation in just 2 weeks of use. The features a pink luminous water formula with a dropper for mess-free application. It is recommended for those with blemishes, dull complexion, freckles, dark skin tone, and dehydrated skin.

✔️Dermatologically Tested
The product is Dermatologically tested and contains a hypoallergenic formula. This product is free from 6 types of parabens, benzophenone, harmful minerals, artificial coloring, fragrance, phenoxyethanol, and animal oil.

Shiny and Non-Greasy

🇰🇷 Made in Korea

Skin Type: All

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